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Whatever Gets You By [Nov. 25th, 2010|11:26 am]

So here we are
It's like we never really left the start
Time heals the would but then there's still a scar
To remind you of the way it's meant to be

Oh sing a song
A melody of what has come and gone
Try to convince the choir to sing along
Here's to tomorrow or whatever gets you by

The Features
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Question for the Collective [Jul. 11th, 2010|08:44 am]

A question from the beach reading I did last week. If you dumped a bunch of people off on a planet and left them with not much technological goods (think maybe a generator that'd last a year or so) how long would it take for them to develop a society that had forgotten about the place they originated? 
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My Lab: [Jun. 14th, 2010|03:40 pm]

How awesome is my lab? Pretty damn.

Today during a cake break:

Me: We found TONS of four leaf clovers this week, even found a few five leafers.

Ben: Wow, you might have too much luck there.

Me: How do you have TOO much luck?

-Pause while everyone ponders this-

Ben: You could get struck by a gold-and-diamond meteor.

Proceed into discussion of A) trajectory needed for the meteor not to kill you on impact B) whether the gold and diamonds would survive entry into the atmosphere and C) legal claims on the meteor if it should be on the ground, in your hand, embedded into your skull....
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Hilariosity [Jun. 13th, 2010|07:02 pm]

Things that are hilarious:

My cat jumping for his cat tree and missing.....again.

"You're Cut Off" about spoiled princesses being made to cook and clean for themselves.

Alec and Mac playing a tough round of halter tag.

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Frivolity [Jun. 6th, 2010|09:24 pm]

I found a marvelous saddle pad in a lovely brown. I want to have some silver and and navy blue embroidered on it for my colors. I'm thinking three linked squares. On one side it will be navy-silver-navy and on the other side silver-navy-silver.

Any other ideas? From people more creative than me? 
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Hello, old friend [Jun. 2nd, 2010|09:44 pm]

Ran into an old friend deep in my iTunes:

Fibre de verre (Paris Combo)

Fibre de verre, je ne sais vibrer
Qu'en paratonnerre, je suis condamnee
A l'eclair, la foudre ephemere
Car si l'on m'aime
L'on doit me consumer

Mais demain, oui, demain
J'en fait le serment
J'ouvrirai les yeux
Mes deux yeux, tout en grand
Sur un bel homme
Un bel amant
Qui laissera ma vie sauve
Tout en m'aimant

Fibre de verre, je me suis cassee
Les dents, le nez, sur bien des affaires
De cour trop pince
De mours trop epicees
Car pour me plaire
Il faut me consumer

Mais demain, oui, demain
J'en fait le serment
J'ouvrirai les yeux, mes deux yeux,
tout en grand
Sur toi, en somme
Mon bel amant
Toi qui assis, m'attend
Tout en m'aimant

Fibre de verre, je me suis allumee
Sans un eclair
Sans meme un brasier
Juste une lueur
En mon interieur
Ta chaleur
A su trouver mon cour

Mais demain, oui, demain..

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Hitching Post Wrap-Up [Jun. 1st, 2010|11:19 am]

Well well we had such a great time on Saturday at Hitching Post! I was particularly pleased with the dressage test. Even though we got a 40 (erph) I think we actually did better than that. He was on my aids for the most part and more importantly when movements began to get hairy-scary I stayed thinking and pulled it back together. A la move OFF my left leg! Bend left! Take my half halt! Dude!

The judge told me that I should have floated my reins and things would have gone so much better! I guess ultimately that means we looked good. Want to take a bet how many strides it would take for Alec to invert and flail if I'd floated the reins? 4? 3?

XC was so.much.fun. Even though it was piddling little stuff we got some really good canters and one nice gallop through the water and up the hill. I want more! and bigger fences! Totally cool how I'm now chomping at the bit for more and bigger as opposed to wetting myself.

Stadium was a lesson in holding my lines, as Tom put it. Fortunately it turned out OK but I made some creative turning decisions to get to fence 8. Oh well. I certainly think Alec was pleased with himself. And Lindsey got some pretty good pictures!

So I met my goal of not falling off. Next time I'll try to not fall off and get below 40 on our test. Though I do think that judge was a bit hard on us....we got a 5 on our free walk because he "lost his rhythm" at the end (I was gathering the reins preparing to do a Super Duper Uper Left Bend to prep for the canter work). Bugger!

Things to work on: Soft ankles! Lots of those dressage pictures show how my heels are too far down. Also: Sit tall! Shoulders down and back!

And: ride to ALL your fences. There was a half-ditch, mini-bank thing that I looked at which made it a funky fence. Fortunately at the last minute I put my leg on and Alec, being the superstar he is, said "Ya lady, I got this." How much pony love is that??
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So funny I had to hold my tummy [May. 27th, 2010|02:09 pm]

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Lea [May. 13th, 2010|11:28 pm]

Oh I got to gallop Lea today. Little Connemara who goes faster than any other horse I've ever ridden. She loves to gallop. Sometimes I wonder if she'd pick galloping over eating, seriously. Well, not that much, she is a horse after all.

Today the field at the bottom of the hill was dry enough to use (which is why we got to gallop). Once Lea saw the field she got way excited. Jig jig jig jig jig jig.....I confess I let her jig about because I was excited too. Then she stepped on the field ...and exploded. Lea doesn't just gallop, this is a balls-to-the-wall, all out fast-fest. Seriously. And then I ask her to slow down and am ignored completely. Utterly! Finally she gets out of breath enough that she HAS to slow down and we take a walk break. Uh, kinda.

As soon as she's got her breath back she's asking to go again. Walk picks up, tenses, ears flick back. A few jig steps. Then all I have to do is pick up the reins, say "go" at a whisper, and we're off. Rinse and repeat.

She stood for about 10 minutes when a little girl cooed and petted her. Lea just about fell asleep (she's not nervous she just likes to go fast). I pick up the reins, head back to the field and boom! we're off again.

In the end, I "cut her off" because she IS 26. And sometimes she doesn't realize she's not as fit as she used to be. And she jigged all the way home, asking, asking, asking.

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More, more, more [Apr. 28th, 2010|08:56 pm]

I need more calories. Problem is that I'm slightly nauseous right now. I'm trying to eat bland stuff. There was pizza at lunch and I was just not interested. It's good pizza! Pizza I like! But still not for me.

Suggestions for foods that are easy to make (or even premade), don't have strong smell and are high in calories?
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